Slocomb Window and Door Energy Efficiency with Low-E


Slocomb Windows With Low-E SB 70 XL from PPG

The high energy performance of Slocomb windows have the combined factors of a Warm Edge spacer and Low-E glass. Combine these technologies with an Argon gas fill and you will maximize your energy performance and decrease your heating and cooling costs. In the winter months, Low-E helps keep heated air inside and cold air outside. In the summer, Low-E helps keep cool air in and hot air out. Low-E also blocks up to 84% of the harmful ultraviolet rays which can fade carpets, draperies and artwork. In addition since Argon gas is three times more dense than air, it greatly reduces the transfer of hot and cold-adding even more thermal efficiency. It is this combination of Warm Edge and Low-E/Argon filled glass that helps you save on your heating and cooling costs.

In warm weather Slocomb vinyl windows keep cool air inside and hot air outside, decreasing your summer cooling costs.

In cold weather Slocomb Series vinyl windows keep warm air inside and cold air outside, decreasing your winter heating costs

SolarBan 70 XL


SolarBan 70 XL has 3 Layers of Silver compared to typical 2 coats

The lower the U Value and the higher the R Value is best for energy savings. In fact, our windows are so effective that every Slocomb's window and door with Low-E is ENERGY STARĀ®-compliant in every region of the U.S.

SolarBan 70 XL Data Sheet


Visit PPG for more information or download a pdf flyer or data sheet.



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