Saving Energy with UltraFlect 3 Triple Glaze


Superior comfort and energy savings

UltraFlect 3 with triple glaze is a technology that maximizes comfort and minimizes heating & cooling costs by keeping heat where you want it—regardless of the climate or season.

UltraFlect 3 protects your home from excessive solar heat gain and damaging UV rays while maximizing natural daylight and thermal insulation.

Understanding UltraFlect 3 Triple Glaze


Unlike traditional LowE glass, that has 1 coating on 1 glass surface, UltraFlect-3 uses an unparalleled combination of 2 different High Tech reflective coatings with one coating on 3 pieces of glass.

UltraFlect-3 represents the most dramatic advance in window glass technology in more than 10 years.

Only UltraFlect-3 break through technology provides the ENERGY STAR 7 most effeicent performance of triple pane glass and has an R-Value of 6 with Argon fill or 7 with Krypton fill.



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